Safety tips for underground lines

In recent years, KEDS has been continuously investing in underground lines. First, you need to remove doubts about the safety of the terrain you want to dig in! In order to inform different operators about the location of underground electricity lines, we have prepared some recommendations:

  • Make sure that the area where you will carry out work does not have underground cables, by obtaining official information or confirmation from KEDS offices.
  • Be aware that if you don't verify that the site is safe for digging, you could damage underground cables, which can be life-threatening and leave large numbers of customers without power.
  • When a natural person or a company causes damage to the network while digging underground, a police case is opened and the person or company can be prosecuted.
  • For any damage caused to the network by negligence, the material responsibility is transferred to the person/or the company that caused it.
  • Remember that a damaged cable can cause serious and even fatal injuries, cause power outages, and cause major property damage to repair.