Nowadays we are surrounded by technology and innovation, but from all human discoveries, electricity remains one of the greatest and most important technological innovations for humanity. 


Since commencement of our operation in Kosovo, KEDS has remained faithful to the commitments for further advancement of the electricity distribution network. We are committed to fulfilling these core commitments as we continually work consistently within the framework of our company vision and mission.

Sustainable practices have enabled us to present ourselves with opportunities in an increased electricity demand market. The integration of sustainable business practices has greatly increased the value of electrical services to our customers.

Adapting sustainable practices has enabled us to better serve our customers, further advance the electricity grid and ensure quality electricity supply. Together with our actions, we remain committed to further partnerships with government institutions and other enterprises to ensure a sustainable future for the people of Kosovo.

As part of contribution of our company in line with global initiatives we developed new and innovative ways, as:

  • Reduce energy consumption in our company and our homes,
  • Continuously used in our activities eco packaging, including recycled packaging,
  • Establish sustainability standards for our customers,
  • Supporting community sustainability efforts,
  • Using ‘ekofriendly’ vehicles in our daily operations,
  • Minimize the use of paper within the company,
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy technologies, where possible.