The Training Center was established by KEDS in 2018.

It is the unique modern center in the country. This center plans, coordinates and monitors trainings for all operational units / divisions, as well as develops training courses in the following areas:

Electrical field, occupational safety and health, assessment and certification and all this is achieved by doing:

  1. Training Development - Using data from departments, workforce strategy and regulatory requirements updates to develop the necessary training;
  2. Training Administration - Managing training schedules, supervising and ensuring completion for required employee classes, and maintaining training records;
  3. Coordination of training schedules and development of training sessions;
  4. Developing strong relationships with all departments to gain knowledge of work situations that require training;
  5. Desig teaching outlines and define teaching methods, such as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstrations, meetings and workshops;
  6. Storage of internship staff data.

In addition to ongoing training, the center's efforts are primarily aimed at developing the most advanced skills and knowledge of KEDS employees in the field of electrical engineering - with an emphasis on electro-energy.  Also, in the medium term, the Training Center will be open for the training of young people in Kosovo in the development of competitive skills in order to facilitate easier integration into the labor market. The Training Center is equipped with equipment and technology to provide training for operation in electro-energy facilities. The trainees will have the real time feeling with existing reality, which increases the safety and efficiency of the training.

The Training Center plays a major role in maintaining and updating the competencies, knowledge and skills of employees, which is the basic goal of KEDS, given that technology, business systems, customer expectations are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Knowing the requirements of KEDS staff, the specific training needs of KEDS and the development of the vocational education system in Kosovo, KEDS will maintain and expand its training facilities for the next 10-15 years. A centralized Training Center established in 2018, will not be limited to training for KEDS employees only. The facilities will be open to other sectors as well.