KEDS distributes, maintains and repairs a stable electrical network for approximately 600,000 thousand customers spread throughout Kosovo.

Electricity Distribution Services in Kosovo J.s.c (KEDS) owned by prestigious Turkish companies Çalik Holding and Limak started operations on May 8, 2013. Based on licenses from the Energy Regulatory Office, KEDS has the exclusivity of electricity distribution throughout the territory of Kosovo. KEDS J.s.c is a company that has nearly 2000 employees, who are committed to deliver beneficial results, to ensure that our company remains the leader of the energy industry in Kosovo and beyond. KEDS distributes electricity to the end customer, manages and maintains field assets. KEDS includes all medium voltage, low voltage power lines and relevant substations with accompanying facilities.


To light up Kosovo with the lowest possible cost, with the most modern and efficient technologies.


Through continuous investments to increase the quality of life for every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo.


To offer professional teams in the service of citizens, maximum safety at work and unstinting contribution to the community.

In terms of technology KEDS is a company completely oriented to digitalization. The company operates in parallel in two digital fields:

SCADA - Network Operation Program, already installed throughout Kosovo, through which the network is commanded by the centralized system, respectively from a single room in the central building of KEDS, and;

KOSOVANET - A program for monitoring and managing the entire infrastructure of the distribution network and the workforce, where every movement in the electricity network is seen in a real-time digital monitor.

We are today and in continuity looking for new and innovative ways to maximize the value of our services, investing heavily in the network and working with the latest and most modern technology to meet market demands and ensure a sustainable energy future. KEDS continues to work to have a positive impact on Kosovo's economy today and for generations to come.

In parallel with network operations, KEDS is a company strongly committed to advancing the values ​​of Kosovar society. We are proud of the biggest project in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility for youth education, KEDS Academy, as well as the WomEn project that deals with the advancement of the position of women within the company and in Kosovo society. In addition to these two pillars, KEDS is active in other spheres of Kosovar society, giving the maximum for its prosperity.