KEDS offers early career development programs designed for young graduates of universities and high schools. The implementation of these programs aims at professional development and training in terms of corporate governance and management.

It will be a good opportunity for the qualified to work together with the best, in work environments, in real projects that produce real results. Development programs offer structured work rotations through numerous important and different tasks that increase your exposure and experience in the shortest possible time. Start your career story with one of these tremendous opportunities to learn and inspire, challenge and reward and join our community of great people in the company.

Our work ethic is characterized by the following values:

  1. Professional teams always at the service of citizens
  2. Maximum safety at work
  3. Unsparing contribution to the community, especially in the education of young people
  4. Building the best possible relationships with our colleagues, partners, and customers
  5. Expertise in the fields in which we work
  6. Pursuing innovation and the latest technology