What are prosumers or self-consumption generators?

A prosumer is a legal entity or person who produces electricity for self-consumption and may store and/or trade the excess electricity into the market via the local grid. Prosumers are both producers and consumers of electricity. They generate electricity through a variety of technologies including solar panels (photovoltaic) and small wind turbines.

Self-consumption generators are prosumers who are able to feed excess electricity generation into the grid for future consumption or pay for electricity to the supplier when they need further consumption beyond what they generate.

There are many important benefits to becoming a prosumer or self-generator:

  • Reducing electricity bills
  • Building energy independence
  • Addressing climate change
  • Supporting sustainability
  • Increasing business competitiveness
  • Supporting local employment

Who is eligible to become a prosumer or self-consumption generator in Kosovo?

Any registered consumer who meets the following criteria:

  • Connected at the 0.4kV level
  • A renewable energy resource generator (RES) owner with a capacity of up to 100 kW (≤100 kW)

Steps to becoming a prosumer in Kosovo:

Phase 1: Apply and receive authorization from the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO).

To apply submit the following:

  • Annual energy consumption information
  • Consent for connection to the grid
  • Evaluation of annual kWh production from installed generation
  • Consent from the relevant municipality
  • ERO application for self-consumption generators

Phase 2: Once authorized by ERO, apply to KEDS and to your supplier to receive the status of prosumer:

To apply submit the following:

  • Application for project approval at KEDS
  • Application for energy permission at KEDS
  • Application for installation of two-way meter at KEDS
  • Application at the supplier for entry into the Prosumer agreement


For a more complete explanation on the documents required, please download the following guide : [downloadable PDF]:

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