The use of electricity completely for personal or family needs, respectively those under 15kW capacity defines household customers.

Our daily chores could not function without the help of electricity. The connection of the residential building to the distribution network of KEDS enables the regular operation of household appliances, lighting, and of course the operation of your technological devices.

Procedure for household customers

  1. The first thing you need to do about energizing your home is to visit our counters to submit a request for a new connection.
  2. Bring an identification document or if you are applying for someone else, you also need the notarial authorization of that person.
  3. Complete the new connection request form.
  4. The request form is sent to the teams responsible for inspecting new connections.
  5. KEDS teams carry out the field inspection within the established deadlines and ensure a technical acceptance can be approved.
  6. The last step is to sign a supply contract with one of the licensed suppliers before your facility is finally energized.

No immediate payment is required for the connection process during the application. The cost for new connection services comes in the first month, along with the first electricity bill the customer receives.