Utilizing electricity completely for personal or family needs, determines household consumers.


Daily work in our homes could not be done without electricity supply. Connection of the residential building to the distribution network of KEDS, enables the regular operation of household appliances.

How to become a new customer, except when the facility is located in locations where KEDS has no extension or when the nearest connection point is located at a distance of more than 80m (or at least 2 electric poles)?

  1. In such cases, applicants must follow other procedures, respectively apply for electro-energy consent (PEE).
  2. Once we have their application for PEE, the specialized teams of KEDS engineers will inspect the site and describe in the PEE a technical solution for connecting the applicant's facility.
  3. The applicant after receiving the PEE must with his own means complete the connection project, while KEDS will do the monitoring and technical acceptance.
  4. The applicant together with the technical acceptance minutes shall be present to one of the licensed suppliers for electricity supply, attaching the technical acceptance minutes and at the same time must sign the contract for electricity supply.
  5. After your application and signature, KEDS teams will accept the request from the supplier and will execute the connection of the metering point in the KEDS network, no later than 48 hours.