Any customer who does not use electricity for household or residential needs, belongs to the group of commercial customers.


For commercial customers with simultaneous electricity less than 15 kW or for their facilities located at a distance of less than 80m (or farthest 2 electric poles), from the nearest connection point, the general procedure as described for the new customers will be followed, all other cases must follow procedures through electro-energy consent.

  1. For application for electro-energy consent, the applicant must submit to KEDS the electrical project, where the maximum engaged power will be presented.
  2. KEDS through engineers will prepare the electro-energy consent (PEE), which will describe the connection conditions.
  3. The applicant after receiving the PEE must with his own means complete the connection project, while KEDS will do the monitoring and technical acceptance.
  4. The applicant together with the technical acceptance minutes shall be present to one of the licensed suppliers for electricity supply, attaching the technical acceptance minutes and at the same time must sign the contract for electricity supply.
  5. After the application and signing of the supply contract by you, KEDS teams will accept the request from the supplier and will execute the connection of the metering point to the KEDS electricity network no later than 48 hours.