Outdoor safety tips  


Substations, poles and power cables can be very dangerous and fatal if you come in contact with them. Therefore, to be safe, please read the following tips carefully:Carefully observe the position of all overhead power lines before starting work;

  • Always check your surroundings for power line locations before doing any outdoor work;
  • Electricity and water are very dangerous. Keep electrical appliances away from water, including rain, wet soil, and swimming pools;
  • Meters and other electrical appliances can be placed on the outside of a house or building. The meter measures the amount of electricity consumed, never touch it or any other KEDS electrical appliance;
  • Beware of overhead power lines when moving scaffolding or machinery and take special care when cutting or removing trees;
  • Be careful when you are on the roof. Working on the roof can put you close to a power line. Avoid standing up and accidentally touching a line with your head or shoulder;
  • Remember that setting up a crane or excavator can cause danger when operating near an overhead power line;
  • Be careful with ladder and other metal objects. When using an aluminum ladder, check above you for power lines. Aluminum is an extremely good conductor of electricity;
  • Avoid any machinery that is in contact with power lines until the electricity company confirms that the conditions are safe to operate;
  • Do not drive a high vehicle under a power line when you have alternative routes available;
  • Do not use scaffolding platforms or ladders unless they are at a safe distance from overhead lines;
  • Do not carry long objects under the overhead lines unless they are carried in a horizontal position;
  • Pruning trees around power lines should only be done by trained professionals;