In-house safety tips


In our homes, we can be in contact with dozens of different appliances that carry electricity every day. They can be quite dangerous for us and other family members if we are not careful. Therefore, in the following are some general tips for safety at home:

  • Your body can be a conductor of electricity. Be careful not to touch the bare conductors;
  • If you are not sure that a conductor or electrical device is energized, always assume it is;
  • In case a family member is injured in an electrical accident, immediately cut off the power supply and seek help from emergency services;
  • Stay away from electricity and all electrical appliances when in use, if your hands are wet;
  • Disconnect equipment when cleaning or repairing it;
  • During wind, rain or lightning storms, turn off the TV and other appliances;
  • Do not allow pets to play or chew on power cords;
  • Never attempt to extinguish an electric fire with water - use appropriate equipment or contact firefighters.