Safety tips for farmers


In Kosovo, a significant number of electricity poles are also placed on agricultural land, with which farmers can often come into contact. As long as farmers do not come into contact with the conductors (cables) of these poles, they are safe. But in order to inform farmers as accurately as possible about the safety measures that should be taken when working close to them, below are the tips that they should follow:

  •  Always check for any overhead power lines that may be located near you before starting work on farmland;
  •  Be aware of the height of the vehicle you are driving, especially those with high antennas;
  •  As with any outdoor work, be careful not to place equipment such as ladders or bars on or near power lines. Remember, non-metallic materials, such as lumber, tree branches, tires, and ropes, can carry electricity under certain conditions;
  • Train seasonal workers to be aware of the dangers of possible electric shocks on the farm, even if they only work temporarily;
  • Never attempt to raise or move a power line to pass under it;
  • If your machinery is in contact with an electrical conductor, then stay inside your vehicle until emergency services arrive, unless there is a fire threat;
  • If any conductor falls to the ground, do not touch or approach it. Current can travel a considerable distance through the ground and even further if the conductor has fallen on metal objects.