Safety tips for kids


Different electrical facilities can be attractive to children, but it is very important for children to be aware of the dangers that can be posed by playing near these facilities. Electricity, if left untouched, is not dangerous, but can be fatal when in contact with it. If you are playing outdoors, never approach the facilities/electrical equipment.

  • Never put your fingers or other objects in an outlet.
  • Stay away from substations and power lines.
  • Do not climb on electricity poles.
  • Never use flying toys near power lines.
  • Never touch or climb trees near power lines.
  • Do not climb fences around electrical substations.
  • Never play ball games near a substation or electric pole. If you drop a ball or something inside the substation fence, do not try to pick it up yourself, even if it seems easy at all;
  • Do not try to pull them with any tool, even with a stick;
  • Never approach an electrical substation for any reason. If a pet is trapped inside the fences, do not attempt to remove it yourself, call your parent/ guardian or our company;
  • During the storm, if you can not get inside, then lie on the ground. The most important thing to keep in mind during a storm is to avoid tall trees, tall objects and metal;

If a toy, flying toy, or paper airplane is hung on the pole, then:

  • Move away and do not touch the toy string,
  • Also do not remove the toy string from the conductors of the electrical pole;
  • Be attentive to others around as well;
  • If the toy string hangs on the pole, then other children can be injured and even  endangered;
  • Call our phone numbers and we will remove it.