Before you start building a new facility it is important to understand all the rules and laws related to construction so that you can prepare the documentation you need in advance.

One of the documents required to apply for a building permit in your municipality is the principled approval from KEDS. Since KEDS has network coverage throughout all the Republic of Kosovo, information on this type of request are essential.

But what is principled consent specifically?

The official document issued by KEDS that shows that the location in which you have foreseen the construction of a facility is safe for housing in terms of electro-technical aspect and at the same time does not endanger the electricity supply of existing customers.

This permit in other words indicates that your construction does not affect the infrastructure, maintenance and management of the existing KEDS network.

So, this application is called principled approval, because together with the permits from other institutions it is the first permit you get from KEDS, before you start construction on your property.

  • The first step you need to do to submit this application is to show up at the KEDS counters with an identification document. It is required that you must add the relevant information about the property / parcel, including the name of the owner, as well as the exact address of the property, a copy of the plan, etc. Also, if you need any additional clarification while filling out the application, our colleagues at the counter are ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Upon receipt of your request, KEDS engineers inspect the terrain for which the request was made and if it is found that all conditions are met based on technical standards, the customer is notified to obtain principled approval from KEDS.

Although human safety is essential, if you do not obtain this principled approval there is a considerable risk of causing power outages.

An excavation in the wrong place, or an electric pole damage can result in a power outage not only of a house, but of a neighborhood or even a large part of a village or town.

In case there are KEDS assets in the area where you want to start construction, then the terrain is examined and the technical solution is prepared by our engineers.

So, if KEDS considers that you cannot start the works immediately due to the risks that may be created by the construction of the new facility, you will receive an answer as to what will be done next, depending on the situation on the ground (terrain).

In case a company or a person damages the assets of KEDS during the excavation or works at that location he / she must compensate the damages caused to the company according to the laws in force.

To avoid all these unfavorable situations, it is more than necessary to understand the requirement for principled consent and do it before you start construction on your property.

Please be aware that the permit for the start of construction regarding the side of KEDS, can be submitted by the institution of the municipality itself in which you have previously applied for a construction permit.

In these cases, the municipality, after receiving the response from KEDS, gives you the final confirmation, if you can continue further with your project.

If the customer submits the request to KEDS, then the answer for principled consent will be received from KEDS, by contacting him through the data that the customer has placed throughout the application.

Remember that only after you have received approval for principled consent can you proceed legally and safely with the construction project and further procedures in your municipality.

If you have received a positive response in terms of principled approval you can proceed further with the application for a building / construction permit and after you have completed the construction, respectively the need for energization of the facility, you can proceed further with your requests for connection to the electricity network of KEDS.

Applying for this type of request is free and all it requires is your interest and engagement.

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