If you need to arrange a new electricity connection for your building or property, it is important to take the initiative and follow the necessary steps, which you will find explained in this article.

It is important to know in advance the energy capacity you need, as well as whether the facility is located in our service area.

What does the latter mean? In other words, when your facility is located in that territory or area where the KEDS distribution network is already laid.

But, can KEDS expand the electricity network if a facility is located more than 100 meters from the last electricity pole, i.e. further away from where the KEDS grid is laid?

If the customer meets one of these two criteria: Requires electricity with a capacity greater than 15 kW or KEDS electricity network must be expanded to supply the facility for which a potential customer makes the request, then in both cases, the application must be done through electro-energetic approval.

Electricity connections through electro-energy approval are more complex in nature and in technical terminology are known as deep connections.

Such are considered all those connections that need a larger capacity of electricity, i.e. more than 15 kW or need expansion of the electricity network, despite the fact that their need for energy may be less than 15 Kw.

Deep connections can include industrial, commercial, collective, household facilities, etc.

All those potential customers who want to apply for deep connections, must apply by appearing physically at the KEDS counters.

That's why it's important to clearly state your electricity needs in the request you make, especially to tell us about the energy capacity you need to successfully carry out the activities you plan.

This is because the information you give helps us provide you with the most appropriate technical solution for connecting your facility.

What documents do you need to have with you when making such a request?

You need the identification document of the person who is applying, or the notary authorization if you are applying for someone else. For these type of connection is also required the electrical design / project of the internal installations of the facility (which summarizes the required final capacity of electricity) for which the connection is required.

After the request is submitted to our counters, KEDS engineers must first inspect the site, to assess the possibilities of connection and, taking into account the technical data of the existing network, compile a document in which is described the technical solution for the connection of object called electro energy approval.

Before withdrawing the electro energy approval, you are obliged to pay an invoice which includes the cost for the required capacity and the cost for the connection service.

The final step is to sign a supply contract with one of the licensed suppliers before your facility is finally energized.

What happens if the potential customer needs a larger capacity of electricity, a capacity that electro energy equipment (substations, electricity lines) cannot provide?

In cases where the electro energy equipment does not have sufficient capacity to cover the energy demand of the potential customer, this customer is obliged to cover the cost of increasing the existing capacity or in cases of insufficient substations may choose to build a substation only for his needs.

In such connections the necessary investments for connection are always covered by the person who has applied for electro-energy approval.

This means that the applicant covers all connection costs and necessary materials needed during the connection of electricity.