We try to light your new home as soon as we know you need our services. For this reason, it is very important to receive your request, because the earlier we accept your request, the earlier we start with the necessary procedures for the lighting of your residence.

The application for a new simple connection refers to the small needs of electricity, those of ordinary houses, i.e. the place where people use electricity mainly for household needs, respectively those below 15 kW (kW stands for kilowatts and is a unit of measurement of power).

This is because electricity consumption for ordinary homes involves a much smaller capacity compared to businesses or industries that need large capacity of energy to operate, i.e. to put in work more sophisticated electrical equipment and machinery.

If you have done almost everything ready but electricity is what you lack, then we will show you the steps to complete this very important procedure that has a direct impact on the quality of life.

The first thing you need to do about energizing your home / facility is to visit our counters to apply / is to make a request for a new connection.

The only document you need for this request is the identification document (ID card) but if you are applying for someone else, then you also need the notary authorization of the person in question.

You will also need to fill out a new connection request form. If during the completion of the request, you need any clarification or additional information, our staff at the counter are ready to assist you in filling out this form.

It is also needed to set a date when your facility is ready to be energized, so that the KEDS team can come and do the inspection at the place where you want the electrical connection to be made.

Completing this field is not necessary, however it helps the company make the necessary plans to bring electricity to your home from the date you need it.

Once you sign the application form, it is sent to the teams responsible for inspecting new connections.

KEDS teams perform the field inspection within the set deadlines and if it is found that everything is properly followed, then the technical acceptance is approved and the meter is installed.

The final step is to sign a supply contract with one of the licensed suppliers before your facility is finally energized.

Please have in consideration that no immediate payment is required for the connection process during the application.

However, the amount of the fee for the connection services come in the first month, so together with the first electricity consumption bill received from the customer.