Shortly before reaching Mirusha Waterfalls, on their northern side lies the picturesque village of Sferka. Also known as Sferka e Gashit, since almost all the inhabitants bear this surname, it is situated in a landscape with great contrasts, characterized by its stones in a hilly-mountainous area. To enhance the appeal of this village in Klina, KEDS has recently made significant investments there. The company has installed over 7,000 meters of new network, both medium and low voltage.

This investment has greatly pleased the residents of Sferka. Education veteran Aziz Gashi says that KEDS has done a wonderful job in their village, for which he is very grateful.

"I can talk for three hours about the good things that KEDS has brought us. We were in trouble; we had poles from the 60s, and our current phases often burned out. Now we are very happy that everything went well," says Gashi excitedly.

This is not the only investment the company has recently made in the municipality of Klina. KEDS has rolled out the new network in many villages of Klina, enabling the residents of that area to receive more reliable and higher-quality services. Such investments, which started 11 years ago, have never stopped and are being made throughout the territory of Kosovo. Thanks to them, the distribution network is being increasingly modernized, reaching the highest standards.