KEDS infrastructure and distribution system is essential because it enables the uninterrupted supply of electricity in your home.

When KEDS adds its assets on terrain, important factors, such as the choice of location with special care, up to maximum customer safety, are always taken into account.

In cases where customers initiate the dislocation or relocation of KEDS assets for any reason, they must make request for the relocation of assets at KEDS counters.

To make such a request, the customer must follow these following steps:

  • The customer must appear at the counters of KEDS and have with him an identification document or notarized authorization if applying for someone else
  • The customer will be required to complete the Request / Complaint form, which must contain all personal data regarding the customer or authorized representative, as well as select the type and reason for making the request
  • If during the filling of the request the customer needs any questions or ambiguities, our colleagues at the counter are ready to help you with all the questions you have
  • Upon registration of the customer request, the same will be generated a unique identification number of the ticket, which will be delivered to the customer as proof of submission of the request. This number will enable the customer to follow the process of resolving the request they have submitted
  • The request is further addressed to our engineers, who go to the field to analyze the case, always taking into account the customer request, as well as the possibility for technical solutions for the relocation of assets
  • The timeline for approving the technical solution may vary based on complexity and your request
  • If the decision is made and the technical solution is provided to the customer by KEDS, ie the request for relocation of assets is approved, the customer who has made this request, must contract a company that performs the relocation of electrical assets. This is done with the applicant's own means.

The work performer or the company contacted by the customer, is obliged to bring to KEDS the register of workers for the execution of works and the name of the organization licensed by MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry), together with the registration number of vehicles for performing works.

During the execution of works, KEDS supervises the whole process and ensures that the way of execution of works is going based on the technical solution that was initially foreseen by our engineers.

Please note that a company cannot start dislocating KEDS assets without the approval of the technical solution obtained from KEDS!

It should also be borne in mind that any request for relocation of KEDS assets is covered financially by the customer who made the request.


  1. Legal property issues for the performance of works must be regulated by the applicant. 
  2. Before the dislocation starts, the work performer (Investor) is obliged:
  • To bring documentation (notarized) for allowing the locations where will be placed electro energy objects without compensation and for permanent use.
  • Permit from municipality for location
  • In the beginning of works, must be informed the supervisory engineer, who will control the quality of material which will be used, and also will make inspection of works during execution.
  1. The work performer after completion of works must make request for technical acceptance.
  2. The work performer for technical acceptance must attach:
  • Request for technical acceptance
  • Reports (attests) of material used
  • Reports from measurements of resistance of insulation of cables
  • Reports from measurements of protective and working earth-link
  • Project of realization (technical solution).

After technical acceptance the work performer (investor) must make request for connection in electro energy network.