KEDS continues with its wide awareness campaign for saving electricity. Among the company's employees who have joined the savings campaign is Dashurije Cami-Shala, who has managed to save around 40% of the electricity bill, compared to the same month last year.

The changes in her home have started to give results, especially after saving on heating with electricity, which at the same time is also the biggest spender in every house that uses it: "We have made the biggest change in heating, by turning it off in different intervals, for 2-3 hours, several times a day. This was then reflected in significant kilowatt savings and lower electricity bills,” says Shala.

She has also changed her habits in the use of household appliances, such as the boiler, by setting the thermostat to number II, as well as using the boiler only during the night, during the off-peak hours. So during the day, the boiler was on only when they needed it.

"Another tip is to always turn off the heating radiators when you also have the oven on. The oven releases enough heat so you don't make the electricity meter run fast, using too much energy at the same time." Also, she said that they always tried to turn off the lights in the rooms that were not occupied, “With a little extra effort we have made a big difference. You can do this too!”

According to Shala, by taking these steps you become more and more concrete and economical, so your electricity bills will be much cheaper than usual. We remind you that the best way to measure and monitor energy savings is through the eKesco application. We recommend you download this app if you don't have it right now!