In the municipality of Gjakova, the major Ponosheci feeder project has recently been completed - an important initiative of KEDS with the aim of improving the energy infrastructure and the lives of our consumers in that area.

A total of 17 new transformers have been placed at the feeder of Ponoshec. They stretch along the completely new feeder built by KEDS, where 580 new medium-tension concrete poles have also been placed.

This line, about 30 km long, distributes electricity to more than ten villages in the municipality of Gjakova, from Meja to Morinë.

The feeder of Ponosheci captures a total investment amount of nearly 630,000 euros and more than two thousand residents of that area are already benefiting from it.

The realization of this project is the result of the commitment of KEDS to the improvement of the energy infrastructure of Kosovo, with the aim of providing a stable supply and security in the network for consumers. KEDS investment projects are continuing to be implemented throughout Kosovo.