For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, our two engineers Drenusha Gashi and Sidorela Dodaj had an informative and warm discussion with graduating students of science majors about the many career opportunities in engineering fields.

Drenusha, manager in the Department of Digitization, and Sidorela, manager of Renewable Resources at KEDS, discussed with the students of the "Xhevdet Doda" Gymnasium and the "Sami Frashëri" Gymnasium about the many professional opportunities that the study of engineering can bring for girls.

The children also told us about their career decisions, some of them after this meeting, considered the field of engineering even more as an option for their academic studies. After the discussion, we visited the SCADA digital system, from where the electricity network of the whole of Kosovo is monitored, and then we continued with a mini cocktail and some mini gifts prepared for the girls.

At the end of the activity, we went to the bookstore where, together with some of the girls, we selected some empowering book titles for today's topic, as a gift from us to their school libraries

Our voice resonates loudly in the collective effort of motivating young girls to choose scientific professions by breaking gender barriers and giving space to girls to excel in the exact sciences, which are both a combination of logic and creativity, as Drenusha said during the discussion.