KEDS has continued with massive investments in Pristina. In the heart of the capital, in the Ulpiana and Dardania neighborhoods, KEDS installed 19 new transformers and 22 new alcoves in the month of August alone.

This investment not only signifies the establishment of an entirely new infrastructure, including canals with pipes, cables, and wells, but it also encompasses the removal of the old infrastructure in these neighborhoods which had not seen any investment for decades.

One notable feature of these new transformers is their capacity, which accommodates 20kV lines, in contrast to the old ones with a capacity of 10kV. Consequently, residents of these neighborhoods have already had their energy voltage doubled, which ensures energy stability for several decades to come.

Above all, this entire electrical infrastructure installed in these two neighborhoods will also be connected in a ring configuration between the Substations, which connection, in case of a possible shortcoming, is energized from the other side. Therefore, in the event of a possible failure, this connection will receive power from the other side, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply to customers even during outages.

The installation of these transformers is also pivotal for improving energy efficiency. More such new transformers mean reduced energy loss during distribution. These new transformers in these neighborhoods are not only part of the energy infrastructure chain but contribute to the ongoing transformation towards a digitized grid, which has been largely accomplished so far.

This significant KEDS project has not only enhanced the energy landscape but has also bestowed a more aesthetically pleasing urban appearance on these neighborhoods, promising numerous benefits for customers and enhancing their living conditions. 

Projects to replace similar transformers will continue in the coming days and weeks in other neighborhoods of Pristina.

The installation of these transformers aligns with the implementation of nearly 90 projects currently underway throughout the Pristina region.