While talking about taking care of all the necessary interventions in the network, Hajdin Zhdrella takes a look at the unit's applications, especially the "Kosovanet" application, which appears on a TV screen hanging on the wall. He draws attention to a red dot, in one of the regions in our country, which, according to him, means a necessary intervention in the network.

Hajdini is the Network Manager, a unit that functions within the System Operation Department at KEDS. He manages the arrangement of the distribution network through interaction with the regional coordinators.

"We function as a unit within the System Operation. In this unit, there are close to 400 workers engaged throughout Kosovo. We coordinate on a daily basis with the 7 regional coordinators and the 26 network coordinators of these districts".

In June 2020, since Hajdini has been in this position, there are already several applications, such as the Kosovanet application, which greatly facilitates the work of both management and workers. He coordinates the work, among other things, also through this application.

"The first thing I do when I wake up and start work is to see how the network is doing. I start the day with "Kosovanet" and just before going to bed I take a look at it once more to make sure everything is in order".

With this enthusiasm, Hajdini has a routine. He is available 24/7. "I don't go anywhere without a laptop and phone. They can call me at any moment."

A graduate in electrical and computer engineering, Hajdini is also helped a lot by his dynamic character: receiving information, delegating it in time, coordinating work, and managing different situations are just some of his daily commitments at work, which does not want to describe them as challenges, but as commitment and moral responsibility towards the consumer.

He also connects his dynamism with a passion he talks about with pleasure: English football.

He finds comfort in watching the games of Manchester United, which team he confidently says is the best. "From the beginning, I liked this team and I will not change it for any other".

Hajdini takes the philosophy of success at work not only as a duty and obligation but as a mission.

"I also motivate the workers by telling them not to take this job just as a task, but as a mission. Because a lot depends on us".