Only in January 2024, KEDS detected 259 consumers in the act of stealing electricity. Close to 130 thousand euros is the amount that these consumers are obliged to return to the company as losses are caused to the network. Meanwhile, the total value of the kilowatts that these consumers have stolen during January is close to one and a half million.

The damage caused to KEDS by these irresponsible customers is huge, as is the financial and legal responsibility they have towards the company and the institutions of Justice. Consumers who are caught stealing electricity, apart from the obligation to restore the losses, are also sent by KEDS to competent courts. The theft of electricity falls within the scope of "Theft of Services", which according to Article 314 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo is punishable by up to three years in prison.

In 2023, KEDS submitted over 2,300 cases to Kosovo courts, while over 6,700 consumers were caught misusing electricity.

KEDS remains uncompromising towards all consumers who misuse electricity and has recently intensified daily checks throughout Kosovo. Do not steal electricity, because legal use of electricity costs cheaper!