KEDS continues to be one of the actors involved in the conduct of the electoral process regarding the issue of electricity. The close cooperation with the KQZ continues to be at the highest level in the local elections that will be held this Sunday.

The company has taken all necessary measures, engaging over a thousand workers in all polling stations throughout territory of Kosovo, from the time polling stations open until the end of the process. Our teams will be fully available for interventions in case of any unexpected issue in the electricity network.

If everything goes according to our plans, in these elections will be a stable supply of electricity, as we have made all the preparations providing the electricity needed to fill the demands.

As an additional measure, we have installed emergency batteries in all polling stations, which can be used in case in the need arises. In addition, we will have at our disposal the mobile generators that will be sent to each polling station that will be put into use if needed.

Of course, the rational and careful use of electricity is very important for keeping the system in good condition. The use of alternative forms of heating, where possible and disconnection of unnecessary equipment is a good option, which would facilitate our work in performing our tasks and providing the highest quality services.

We emphasize that KEDS Dispatch Center will be fully available on the day of the elections, from where the network will be monitored in real time through Kosovanet system.

This center will work with increased capacities while the investments made over the years by KEDS in the digitalization of the network, will enable the remote operation through the SCADA system.

The Call Center will also work with increased capacities, receiving real time calls or information related to electricity from consumers.

In this regard, KEDS encourages citizens, if they notice something that is not right with the electricity network or supply, to immediately notify the company by calling the toll free number: 0800 791 00.