At the 9th anniversary ceremony of operations, KEDS launched the Girl TECH project, which aims to increase the participation of girls in the field of Information Technology.

The girls selected from the Vocational Schools of Informatics profile and the Gymnasiums of the 12th grade officially started a new journey, which KEDS has designed within the KEDS Academy, as one of the most important projects in the education sector in Kosovo.

Participants who reach the highest levels of professional advancement after the end of the program will have employment opportunities in the company.

The Chief Executive Officer of KEDS, at the same time as the initiator of the project, Alpin Dogan, said that KEDS aims through contributions and development activities, to contribute to the professional advancement of young people in Kosovo, and this advancement will serve their career and integration as easier in the job market.

"I am very proud that exactly on the 9th anniversary of the operation of KEDS as a company, another special project is being launched within the KEDS Academy. Our goal as a company is that in addition to basic services, to help youth in the professional aspect. This is also happening with the Girls TECH program, through which we are pushing young girls towards empowerment and advancement in the field of Information Technology", he said.

While, the Director for Quality, Safety, and Training at KEDS, Valbona Kadrijaj, showed that this program is designed to serve girls as a boost and help them find a career in technology.

"Through this program, we aim to help the professional development of girls, to increase the employment of young people at the national level, as well as to increase gender representation within the company and in the community. The idea for designing this program was born from the need for the programming profession, a profession highly demanded in the labor market, also valued, as well as a profession that can be practiced by girls," she said.

Meanwhile, the trainer in the company, who will take care of the training for girls, Seb Rodiqi, expressed satisfaction that a program of this nature is being implemented by KEDS and spoke briefly about the content of the program.

"I believe that you will be satisfied with the realization of this program and I strongly believe that it will help you in your future profession, but also in further studies," said Rodiqi.

One of the success stories from the students, is Sidorela Dodaj, a former student of KEDS Academy, and now an engineer at KEDS, who spoke about her experience and the opportunities that KEDS has offered her through her professional and career advancement.

"This opportunity of being part of Girls TECH will help you immensely in the job market, given the professionalism of the people in this company, who never stop pushing pupils and students towards professional advancement," she said.

Girls TECH is also being realized as a company committed to empowering the role of women in the company and the community, with the signing of seven (7) UN Women Principles related to improving the position of women in the workplace.

KEDS remains a company dedicated to the professional advancement of Kosovar youth, through numerous development projects in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sector.