In the meeting held at the Rectorate of UP, representatives of KEDS, Valbona Kadrijaj, Director of Quality, Safety, and Training, and Bajram Neshati, Manager of Technical Analysis and Reports met with the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at UP Mrs. Albulena Blakaj. The purpose of the meeting was to expand cooperation between KEDS and UP.

In the following days, the parties agreed to draw up a new cooperation agreement, which will specify in detail all the joint activities that will take place between KEDS and UP.

KEDS expressed interest in expanding cooperation activities with UP, aiming to strengthen the cooperation so far, as a special opportunity for more involvement of students in the industry sector.
Among other things, KEDS showed interest in cooperating with UP in:
• Professional research of various natures;
Assistance in designing the curricula of the faculties, with an emphasis on the direction of electrical energy;
• Creating opportunities for involvement in practical work at KEDS, for students from the University of Pristina;
• Joint organization of workshops, conferences, study visits, etc.

Let us recall that the cooperation of KEDS with the University of Pristina has entered its first decade of partnership, a success story that includes students from this University in the KEDS Academy Program.