Considering the situation we are in and the drop in temperatures, saving is necessary at this point. Besides the fact that electricity is difficult to provide, the high demand is also overloading the network, causing difficulties in operation, especially in certain areas. 

Of course, all this is because demand is increasing because of the use of electricity for heating. This is why, where possible, please use alternative forms. If you do not have other choices then turn on the thermostat so that the temperature in the living room is a maximum of 19 °C. This policy is also being used in more developed countries in Europe, as the temperature is considered one that works.

Along with saving on heating, our experts at KEDS continuously share simple and practical tips on how to save electricity. A video in a few seconds best reflects what we can all do together, with easy habits, when it comes to using home appliances. Together we can make positive changes! Make the difference: Follow these instructions!