We all know the essential role of blood in the functioning of the human body and that is why we want to help donate it. KEDS starts every year with a very humane activity and already with a long tradition in our company - that of blood donation. Earlier this year, about 50 KEDS employees donated blood voluntarily to the Kosovo National Blood Transfusion Center in Pristina. All the volunteers felt very good about their contribution believing they had helped someone in need. Group 0 is the most sought after blood group in hospitals around the world, but since the number of KEDS volunteers was quite large, they donated different blood types, meeting some of the great needs and demands for this vital fluid of life. Blood is more than necessary for surgeries and treatment of different diseases and different patients may need different amounts of blood. According to the American Red Cross a person who donates blood can save the lives of three other people, so if we feel good health why not become the direct cause in saving three lives. KEDS is always close and helping the community, so our awareness of blood donation will continue in the future