Known as "Terzi Bridge", the newest project being implemented in the municipality of Gjakova, will soon be finalized.

In the wake of a series of projects, which are currently being realized all over Kosovo, this project also enters into the framework of the investment plan of KEDS, which, together with hundreds of other projects, leads to a stable future of the supply of electricity through the integration of the most innovative energy technology.

According to the planned plan, the placement of 277 electric poles, together with electric conductors, and 32 substations, including cabinets and other necessary electrical installations, is already being done.

The Terzi Bridge project crosses the villages of Fsheji, Rogova, Kusavec, Ujzi, Smaqi, Pnishi, and Muhadër. About seven kilometers of these lines are underground network, while another twenty kilometers are aerial network. This project is worth more than 700,000 euros and is expected to be completed within this year.

The residents of this area, close to eight thousand, who are expected to benefit from this major project, will soon have a completely new electrical network, which means stability in the supply of electricity and, above all, security in the network. The representative of Rogovë village, Mr. Islam Gashi, says that the electrification of the village has been done since 1967, but it has not been carried out properly, which has brought difficulties in the supply of electricity.

"Today, with your work, a great improvement can be seen. As residents of this area, we are very satisfied with this KEDS project", he says.

With the commissioning of the new electrical network, the old poles, and electrical conductors, placed several decades ago in unsuitable terrains, often difficult to access by KEDS teams for their maintenance, will be removed.

KEDS is and remains committed to providing consumers with a stable electricity supply throughout Kosovo.