The methodology of the registration taxes in KEDS has been approved by the ERO and entered into force. This methodology, the first of its kind, foresees the application of new taxes for connection and disconnection.

The purpose of the Methodology of charges for connection to the distribution network is to regulate all issues related to the connection and reconnection of customers.

In the methodology, it is foreseen that the connection tax for new consumers with a capacity of up to 5 kWh will be reduced from 100 (current price) to 60 euros. Whereas, regarding the capacity tax, if a customer requests to register or add capacity, and if there is free capacity in the requested location, then the tax is zero.

The methodology also foresees the application of the customer disconnection tax, which is expected to be 17.70 euros (including VAT), and the price goes higher based on the customer’s category and constant.  At this point, we ask our customers to make the payment within the legal deadline, which is written on each invoice that the customer accepts, since the disconnection is applied as a final measure of non-payment of obligations to the company.

Carrying out the contractual obligations between the company and the customer within the legal deadlines also means strengthening the partnership between the two parties, which is the main goal of the new methodology.

For more details about the methodology, click on the official document.