KEDS has signed on Wednesday the Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Pristina, "Hasan Prishtina", and with the Center for Energy and Sustainability within the UP, with the aim of raising and further developing the skills for students in the Energy, Environment Program and Leadership.

The memorandum was signed by the Chief Executive of KEDS, Mr. Alpin DOĞAN, by the Rector of UP, Mr. Qerim Qerimi, and from the Director of the Center for Energy and Sustainability within the University of Pristina, Mrs. Majlinda Daci.

"We are happy that we are continuing this form of cooperation and we are starting this program with a different approach than it has been until now. Through KEDS Academy we have already trained more than 500 students, over 70 percent of whom are already employed in the company. While, a significant number of others work in the most developed countries of the world, such as America, Germany and other countries. All this thanks to the experience they gained during the KEDS Academy program. Our aim is that these students are trained with the most advanced methods and become part of the company", said Mr. Dogan

Rector Qerimi also expressed himself as quite satisfied. "It is a great pleasure to sign this agreement. This is a direct benefit for our students. We are constantly looking for our partners to support us in this matter, so thank you for your willingness and cooperation", said Mr. Qerimi

The efficiency of KEDS has astonished the leader of the Center for Energy and Sustainability of the UP, which will be the implementer of the program for Energy, Environment, and Leadership. "It is a pleasure to see that with one meeting this issue became a reality and today the agreement is being signed. Therefore, thank you for your willingness and cooperation", said Mrs. Dace.

"This project is a dream opportunity for the beneficiary students. We will take this KEDS program as an example, and we will make maximum efforts to encourage other companies to do similar projects and collaborations for the benefit of students", said Mrs. Njomza Llullaku, Vice Chancellor for Accreditation, Teaching Quality and Student Affairs.

The KEDS Academy program is established at the beginning of the company's operations and it is intended to create the leaders of the future. During the month of November, the training program for the 11th generation begins, making KEDS Academy a very successful program in the professional aspect and important in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Education sector in Kosovo.

KEDS Academy has also been shown to be the best opportunity for young people who want to be employed at KEDS, one of the largest companies in the country.