The energy sector in Kosovo is going through one of the biggest challenges since the end of the war, and we, one of the actors in this sector, sympathize with each of the customers.

We also comprehend the protests that took place in front of our building. It is your right and we respect that.

This year we are facing a global crisis of rising prices, huge increases in consumption, and lack of production. These factors affect the entire electricity system, part of which are also the customers.

We as a company are concerned about this situation. In fact, for several months we have carried the crisis on our shoulders, without affecting the consumer at all, until we have expended all our resources.

As a company, we are in the 9th year of operations. Since the beginning of our operations, we have removed the reduction plan known as the "ABC" categorization.

Just recall how the electricity supply was last year, compared to this year!? This is the best example that privatization has been successful and we as a company are proud of what we have achieved.

We have invested almost 200 million euros in the system and our overall operation today is much more efficient. These investments have significantly increased the quality of services for citizens and businesses throughout Kosovo.

When we recall the situation we inherited and after taking into account all the projects implemented so far, then the privatization of KEDS, there is no other way called differently, except a success story.

Even these days we have done everything possible to get through this situation as easily as possible. We have made recommendations and remain ready to do our part in these circumstances.

But KEDS and KESCO are just some of the actors in the energy sector.

We want to assure all other relevant actors that we are ready to cooperate, as we have been since September when we started providing recommendations to the authorities on how to manage this crisis as efficiently as possible.

It is time to focus all our energy on overcoming this situation, on concrete actions, and not on attacks that undermine the credibility of the company here and abroad and deny the company's achievements over the years.