Within the KEDS investment plan, nearly ten thousand residents of Skenderaj municipality have already been provided with a new energy network.

The investment project in the 10kV feeder Likovci, in the municipality of Skenderaj, which benefits fourteen villages, has been completed some time ago. 1,450 new concrete poles and over 72,000 m of electrical conductors, as well as 27 new transformers, have been installed in this new line of Medium and Low Voltage of the electrical network. With the commissioning of this new line, nearly 10,000 residents of that municipality are already benefiting.

The project manager at the 10kV Likovci feeder, Burim Llugaxhiu, an engineer at KEDS, says that this project was necessary in order for our customers to have a stable supply of energy.

"Our customers in this area, in addition to having high quality and uninterrupted supply of energy, are also benefiting in terms of safety and health, since the old electrical network has been completely replaced with a new one," he said.

The residents of this area are happy about the new electrical network. Ejup Gashi from the village of Krushevc of Skenderaj says that before there were not enough pillars and even those that were, were damaged since they were old.

"As a resident of this village, I am very satisfied with the realization of this project. We thank KEDS for removing the old network and installing the new one," he said.

Bahri Gashi, a resident of that area, expressed his happiness, too, that they now have uninterrupted energy without any outages.

"There used to be outages because the poles were wooden and old. With the installation of the new electrical network and the new concrete pillars, no malfunctions have occurred so far. It is very good indeed," he says.

With the completion of this investment project, which reaches an amount of more than 600 thousand euros, the residents of these villages have a stable and quality supply of energy. Above all, they also have security. Currently, KEDS is implementing more than 250 projects throughout Kosovo.