In the Ulpiana neighborhood, an underground cable canal has been constructed, which includes new cables and the necessary transmission infrastructure. This canal covers a trajectory of several kilometers, starting from Prishtina Substation 6 near the crossroads to the Mother Teresa Cathedral, continuing to the Flag Circle, and then following another trajectory to Fontana in Ulpiana and the student dormitories, before returning to the same substation. As part of this project, most of the 23 transformers in Ulpiana were replaced, and alcoves were updated as needed.


The significance of this major project is substantial. This new line not only serves as an alternative line, ensuring that in the event of a power outage within this trajectory, our customers are still supplied with electricity through these alternative lines, but it also prepares the conversion of the line from 10kV to 20kV.


This project includes a LOT, encompassing Ulpiana, Dardania, Kroi i Bardhë, and Prishtina 7-Feeder 5. The project in Ulpiana was completed last Saturday, providing several thousand consumers with a secure and stable power supply. The projects in Dardania, Kroi i Bardhë, and Prishtina 7-Feeder 5 are currently underway and are expected to be completed within three months.

These projects are just a few of the many initiatives that KEDS is implementing as part of its investment plan. It is projected that 250 capital projects involving low and medium voltage, aerial, and underground networks will be completed within this year.