On the southeast coast above the town of Klina and at the edge of the river with the same name lies the village of Dresnik. This ancient toponym is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Kosovo and the region due to the findings of the Roman civilization. Although the archaeological excavations are not yet complete, the electrical infrastructure has been fully developed. As such, this infrastructure has preceded the area's development as one of the most valuable ancient assets in the country, centered on the Roman mosaics discovered ten years ago.

Beyond the potential for tourism development, the new electrical network has resolved the issues for over 1,700 residents of the village. Thanks to KEDS' investments, all electrical energy needs have been met, increasing the security of electricity supply and the quality of services for consumers in this region.

During the implementation of the works in this locality, two transformers, an overhead line of approximately 7,000 meters, and a low-voltage cable of about 6,500 meters have been laid. Additionally, 137 new medium and low-voltage poles have been installed. The total investment in this village amounts to around 150,000 euros.

The residents of this village, who belong to different communities, appreciate these investments. Borislav Dabizhlevič, a member of the Serbian community in the village, expressed his satisfaction with the work KEDS has done.

"Yes, we are very happy with the work that KEDS has done in our village. Now we have it much better than before. Even the workers who completed the job have been very respectful towards us residents, for which I am very grateful," he said.

The Dresnik project is just one of many projects that the company is implementing in various villages of Klina. There are currently 16 investment projects that KEDS is implementing there, most of which have reached their final stages. KEDS has made significant and crucial investments in Sicevë, Jashanicë, Volljakë, Rudicë, Jabllanicë, Sfrëkë, and many other areas.

KEDS will continue to invest throughout Kosovo with the sole purpose of providing consumers with the highest quality and safest services.