In order to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis, KEDS has started a general campaign to save energy. In its framework, intensive work is also being done with the institutions of the country, to save energy to the maximum limits within public facilities.

Currently, the KEDS teams are coordinating savings strategies with the municipalities of Kosovo.

Company officials have met with the vice mayor of Pristina, Mr. Alban Zogaj. The parties have agreed to cooperate closely in achieving maximum efficiency from the units belonging to the municipality.

The vice mayor of Prishtina said that the capital will do its best to save every kilowatt that can be saved.

A similar meeting was held with the mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Alban Hyseni. There, the two parties agreed to find the best forms of savings in the facilities managed by the municipality and its units.

"In this mission, you have our full support and cooperation", said President Hyseni.

The company's teams will hold meetings in the following days with the mayors of all the country's municipalities, institutions, businesses, NGOs, and other mechanisms.

Is intended to turn off any light bulb that does not perform any function. This is very important during the summer, as it doesn’t only save money, but also allows us to have more energy available.

Import prices are very high currently, five times more expensive compared to last year. Those prices are determined by international markets, where we have no influence. So it is completely out of our control.

But what we have in hand is the saving of a commodity that the whole of Europe currently has difficulty providing.

In this way, every kilowatt saved means greater security in electricity supply and less price increase, as the cost of the system is reduced. Together we can make a difference!