This donation will help the young people of these schools to have access to the technological and informational world that will affect the increase in the quality of learning and education.

The staff of the "Jashar Begu" school expressed their satisfaction with the KEDS donation. The director of this school, Elmaze Hasani, said that this is the biggest and most necessary donation that the students of their school have ever received.

"Our school has always been somewhat forgotten when it came to distributing donations. Today's donation is very welcome for us and for this I thank the KEDS company very much for these devices and for supporting the learning process of our students", she said.

The students were also enthusiastic and very happy about the computers donated by KEDS, which from now on they will use for some teaching subjects.

Another thank you for KEDS also came from the council of the "Xhevat Jusufi" school, in Bare, Mitrovica.

"We are extremely grateful to KEDS for the donation that we consider more than necessary for our school, because we will use it for teaching purposes for all students and teachers", said the director of this school, Ismajl Hajdari.

So far, the company has donated hundreds of computers and many books to several primary schools and various organizations in Kosovo. Direct beneficiaries are thousands of students and teachers.

In the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, KEDS has always contributed through various donations and programs to the advancement of the education of young generations in Kosovo.