The increase in electricity prices has caused a large increase in the value of energy imports. KEDS and KESCO during October of this year, so for a month, despite the good weather, has imported 9.15 million euros of electricity, an enormous increase of 1.5 million euros as it was in the same period last year.

This increase has been driven by extreme prices and rising demand. KEDS and KESCO bought electricity in October at an average price of 242 euros per megawatt / hour, an increase of almost five times from October 2020, when electricity was imported at an average price of 49 euros per megawatt / hour. Consumption has increased by 18 percent compared to the same period last year.

Due to the increase in consumption, KEDS and KESCO were forced to import 37,753 megawatt hours of electricity during month October. The trend of increasing consumption has continued also during November, as well as purchases at high prices, even above those of October.

The drop in temperatures is expected to further increase consumption, and consequently the need for additional imports, as domestic production is limited. Thus, it is estimated to have astronomical and unaffordable costs not only for KEDS and KESCO but for all citizens of Kosovo.

Therefore, maximum savings and the use of alternative forms of heating, is necessary throughout the country.