Following a series of options given by KEDS for minimizing electricity costs through heating during the winter, the energy experts at KEDS have given an additional suggestion in this regard. According to them, if you reduce the temperature on your thermostat by 40% of its full capacity, which in practice means switching it from number five to number three, then you will manage to save 34% of the total bill.

These suggestions of the energy experts at KEDS are welcome, especially in this winter time, when a certain number of consumers use electricity for heating.

Electric heating, in addition to overloading the electrical system, accounts for 70% of the total monthly bill, too. Consequently, for all those consumers who have electricity as their only alternative for heating, it is vital that in this time of crisis, they use it as rationally as possible.

This is the only way we have a stable network. Let's practice these simple measures for our common good.