A new office on the 12th floor is a fully refurbished office, except it offers panoramic views of the city of Pristina, it also performs an important function for all citizens of Kosovo. There is transferred a Call Center that handles every customer concern through phone calls and other forms of communication.

The center works with 3 shifts, 24 hours without interruption.The free of charge telephone number 0800 791 00 and email info@keds-energy.com are available for customers 24 hours. They can call to report any nwtwork breakdown and inquire for other information related to services of KEDS.

It is not just accepting calls their duty. They deal with all issues pertaining to the customer such as service procedures, network works schedule and many other services.

All this commitment is achieved through 30 employees, director of the center and two coordinators. Skender Buja, leader (head) of the Call Center, states that the information received by the call center operator is registered in the dedicated Call Center application and is sent electronically to the relevant dispatch center of the district, where the Dispatch Center dispatcher dispatches it to the intervention teams.

Cooperation with other departments is good, especially with the Dispatch Center. The Call Center is committed to continue cooperation with all departments in the future in order to increase the quality of services provided to consumers.

All employees of this center have successfully completed training on the Code of Good Conduct within the Human Resources and the same are continuously trained and notified of any new application that is being implemented by the company.

The Call Center on a daily basis also monitors weather forecasts, considering that weather has a significant impact on increasing the number of phone calls. During the time when information on climate change is provided (bad weather, strong winds, etc.), an additional number of operators is planned, says Buja.

Information from customers are accepted during 24 hours, 7 days of week through telephone number 0800 791 00, also through email: info@keds-energy.com.