On the international day "Introducing to girls the engineering profession" at the KEDS training center, on Thursday, a group of 50 girls from "Xhemajl Mustafa" elementary school in Pristina, from first to fifth grade, was presented the profession of the engineer.

They had the opportunity to closely observe and learn how the electricity network works, how workers are trained, what equipment they have and how they work, how substations function, centrals, and how electricity is produced and distributed.
 “We thought of marking this day by inviting Xhemajl Mustafa school girls to visit our training center. The point is to show them that even those in the future can become engineers, so they can do the job easily, and even climb the poles. YES, THEY CAN”, said Naxhije Pajaziti-Arifaj, Director of Communications at KEDS.

Pupils also had the opportunity to see a practical demonstration of the use of electrical equipment, including the process of climbing on electric poles, then what protective equipment are, how to act to be safe, and how to control the pole to not endangering our lives.

The girls were very pleased with what they saw, learned and expressed the desire to become an engineer when they grew up.