Following the worsening of weather and strong winds that swept the country in the early hours of the morning, KEDS has sent 400 workers in field to intervene in the affected areas.

Dozens of our teams are deployed throughout the country where they are doing their best to repair the damage caused to the network as soon as possible.

The teams are working non-stop, with all available capacities in order to restore electricity supply to customers.

Despite the atmospheric conditions, the work is being carried out with high dynamics by our teams.

KEDS is monitoring the network in real time through the Kosovanet program, where breakdowns are being measured in record time, while the SCADA system is enabling the control of substations and faster intervention by our teams.

KEDS appeals to citizens to cooperate with the teams in the field and if they see any breakdown in the network to report it through the Call Center to the toll free number: 0800 791 00 and the social networks of the company.