KEDS is continuing to invest largely in Klina. Only this year, about 800 thousand euros will be invested in the electricity network.

The low and medium voltage network is being reconstructed and replaced with a completely new network. This will directly affect the better quality of electricity services for the residents of that area.

Apart from the city center, where a completely new facility will be placed, the following villages will also benefit from these investments: Kërnica, Perceve, Dollc, Leskoc, Restoka, Gjurgjevik, Sfërka, Krusheva e Madhe, Krusheva e Vogel, Gllareva and Ujmiri .

The condition of the outdated network in these areas has caused customers to face difficulties in quality electricity supply in the past. In addition, in these villages the demand for supply has continuously increased, causing the existing substations to be often overloaded.

The old poles were located in hard-to-reach areas, such as yards or fields, while with new investments, they will be moved across the street.

Through the investment plan of KEDS, it is foreseen that in addition to the installation of new substations with the necessary supply capacities, hundreds of poles will be replaced and hundreds of meters of new cables will be laid.

KEDS has invested in the electricity network of Klina in the past as well. Last year, the company invested over 170 thousand euros in medium and low voltage lines, from which benefited hundreds of customers.

These investments show the company's commitment to fulfilling its promises and determination to be as close as possible to the customer.