Electricity consumption in the first days of November has increased to high levels, over 21 percent compared to the same period last year. The sharp increase in consumption in times of energy crisis is putting the entire electricity system of the country in serious difficulties.

In fact, at peak times it is reaching up to 935 megawatts from 788 megawatts last year. This means that almost 200 megawatts / hour of electricity must be imported at the time of maximum consumption. And import prices are currently skyrocketing, being bought for more than 250 euros per megawatt / hour, about five times more than last year.

There was also an increase during October by 18 percent compared to October 2020.

But, the tempo has already increased. The huge increase is happening due to the heating of consumers with electricity. KEDS calls / appeals for alternative forms to be used where possible.

This situation is difficult. KEDS pledges all consumers to save electricity maximally so that the situation is as affordable as possible.

Even when temperatures these days are going up to 20 degrees Celsius, domestic production which goes to a maximum of 750 megawatts, is failing to meet consumption demands.

As the weather cools, the situation is expected to worsen, with the need for imports expected to reach almost 50 percent of demand. Expressed in euros, with current world electricity prices, it captures a dizzying, unaffordable cost to Kosovo's power system. The need for change is urgent. Every kilowatt is needed to save. Together we can do it!