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KEDS modernizes the network in Veternik 14-07-2020

Over 1500 inhabitants of the Veternik neighborhood of Prishtina will receive much better quality electricity services. There, already most of the 50-year-old network has been modernized. Dozens of new concrete poles have replaced the old wooden poles that were barely supported / standing on legs. Even thousands of meters of cables were replaced at the same time. Upon completion of the project all old poles will be dismantled.

The new network has also increased security for residents.

They welcomed the investments of KEDS while expressing their very satisfaction with the work done.

"I have come here since 15 years. We brought this electricity with our wings at that time, at our own expense, and the first time it was listed and done, this neighborhood was satisfied with this electricity. This is better no where to send", said Zymer Ademi, resident of Veternik neighborhood.

The same as Zymeri, said Musli Bunjaku, who said that these investments made by KEDS have increased security and improved electricity supply.

"We are satisfied with 200 percent of these investments that KEDS is making. We are surprised when we saw them replacing the poles without coming to the neighborhood to call them. We made a request before KEDS, but no one dealt with us ", said Bunjaku, who is also a resident of this neighborhood.

By the end of this investment, over 100 poles and over 7000 m of cables will be installed. This investment of KEDS enables the energy situation in this neighborhood to be significantly improved for these customers, who so far have had major problems with electricity.

KEDS, since the privatization of distribution has made many investments in the electricity network system in Kosovo and this has significantly affected the quality and regular supply of electricity.

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