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Over 250 children celebrated June 1st at KEDS, was an unforgettable celebration (holiday) 03-06-2019

The KEDS courtyard boiled on Saturday, despite the fact that it was a vacation day. There went over 250 children to celebrate their international day, June 1st. As promised by KEDS, it also came out, they spent an unforgettable holiday.

At hour 11:00 various angles were set up and each of them enabled one activity. On the one side it was science angle, where the children learned how is produced electricity, and even produced it themselves through potatoes, lemons and other simple materials.

In the other corner, the kids painted for their party, and a large part of them also drew different energy character objects, while in the other corner there were different games and in the background were listened to very dear music for them.

The party culminated in the appearance of KEDS official mascot, Elmenit. He was surrounded by children with much love and said hello to him.

The children after this activity are seen very cheerful / happy and filled with positive energy.

This activity was in the pursuit of many activities undertaken by KEDS for children. Preliminary activity was developed on Earth Day, April 22, where seedlings and flowers were planted in some schools in the country.

In recent months, many schools have visited the company where elementary school pupils have been notified about KEDS operation as a company and for electricity as a sector, while last year KEDS has conducted numerous activities at various schools related with the efficiency of electricity.

Earlier there was also not missing of the establishment of computer / informatics labs in many schools in Kosovo, as well as libraries and many other activities that directly affect the advancement of children's prosperity in Kosovo.

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