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KEDS completed projects that supply 4 thousands families and businesses of Kamenica 28-03-2019

Two major projects have completed KEDS in the municipality of Kamenica. It is about constructing the Rogana overhead line and the Hogosht overhead line belonging to the Kamenica municipality.

With these two completed KEDS investment projects, 12 villages of this area will have qualitative energy and stable voltage.

With this investment will benefit 1800 families and businesses from overhead line of Roganës and around 2000 families and businesses from overhead line of Hogoshtit. So the direct beneficiaries are near 4 thousands customers or around 20 thousand residents of that area.

They now will have one better life and businesses will have easier work, from new and modern network implemented from KEDS.

These investments have seen closely also general director of KEDS, Mr. Alper Erbas, together with deputy mayor of municipality of Kamenica, Mr. Faton Jakupi.

"I express my special gratitude / thanks for the support shown by the municipality of Kamenica. Thanks to the genuine cooperation we have had, projects in this sub-district have been realized on time. The Rogana and Hogosht project can be considered as the largest projects in year 2018 because they have benefited a large number of customers", stressed Mr. Erbas.

Whereas deputy mayor of Kamenica Municipality Mr. Jakupi, during visit in terrain expressed satisfied with work of KEDS.

"Good works has been done by KEDS for the municipality of Kamenica. These are two projects realized, then the project in Koretin, the works in the center of the city and other projects. KEDS staff is quite cooperative towards our requirements", said deputy mayor Jakupi.

In these two projects, four new distribution switchgears were placed by KEDS and two new 10 kV feeders were built from substation Berivojca, now called Hogosht feeder and Rogana feeder. There are also placed two new substations with a capacity of 160 kVA in the village of Grizime and Kershlanet.

Adapting to the terrain in the Rogana project is laid a new airline stretching 5 km, while underground about 5.5 km.

Also residents speak for the goods that this investment brought. "Electricity has been a catastrophe earlier, there have been frequent interruptions and very weak voltage. A defect occurs in Kostanica or in the villages of Malsis, here we were interrupted the electricity. Now it has made a new connection and this has stabilized the situation both in us and in the whole village", said Sami Rexhepi the owner of restaurant “Kalaja” in village Kopernic.

During the implementation of the Hogosht project, KEDS has installed approximately 8.5 km of air network and 3.6 km underground network and 3.3 km of twisted cable network and concrete poles.

This has made the inhabitants of this region feel these changes as well.
"Before, sometimes there was no electricity and yes electricity, and now we are satisfied. But we are also regular payers of electricity. What we have to pay we pay, we do not remain in debt to  state," said Radunka Arsic the resident of this side.


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