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KEDS built the new High Voltage line for 40 villages of Shala e Bajgor√ęs 13-03-2019

A brand new network is now extending along the road winding from Mitrovica to the highest peaks of the Mountains of Shala e Bajgorës.

The new line of 10 KW voltage starts at Shupkovc and ends in Bajgora. It will supply with electricity 40 forty villages of Shala like Bare, Vidishiq, Rahovë, Zhazhë, Selac, Bajgore, Kaqanollë, Kovaqicë, Vllahi, etc. Beneficiaries are over 1,700 families and businesses of that area or approximately 10,000 inhabitants.
Instead of the old poles not replaced for 50 years now, underground cables have been laid over 7km and the rest in new concrete poles.

This has also raised the enthusiasm of the residents of that area. They talk about the benefits that this KEDS investment has brought.

Nazmi Nimani, an early retired of Trepca from the village of Reka, Mitrovice, says he is happy with the new network and says everything is all right now.

“The network was with wooden poles, they fell and broke when the wind blew or in bad weather conditions. That network was as such since the early 60's. Now we are very pleased. The lines are very functional, while everything is fine “.
The other resident of this village, Muhamet Selmani, is satisfied with the services of KEDS.

"There have been adjustments, we are very pleased with the new services provided by KEDS and with the new network set up."

With this project it is done the reconstruction of the 10kV network, construction of the new overhead and cable network, and are built two 10 / 0.4 kV substations of 400 kVA power and a switchgear 10 kV. The length of the overhead network is 12 km, while of the cable network is 7.35 km.

Now the new network enables safer and more qualitative services. Also with the implementation of this project, have decreased the technical and commercial losses in the OHL 10 (20) kV .

The old network has been through mountainous-hilly terrain and for this it has been very difficult to avoid network problems. With the construction of a new network whose track has been realized along the regional road, will be enabled easier access to maintenance.

The construction of this network has enabled the disconnection of KEDS customers who were supplied by Trepca electrical network.



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