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Kosovo Energy Distribution Services (KEDS) is a joint stock company that operates throughout Kosova. KEDS J.S.C. has the exclusivity of electricity distribution.

KEDS J.s.c. was established in 2009, while its operational activities were initiated on May 08 2013, when it finally split from KEK J.S.C. KEDS J.S.C. is owned by prestigious Turkish companies Çalik Holding and Limak.

KEDS J.s.c. under the licenses from Energy Regulatory Office operates with electricity distribution to the customers. To operate in the most efficient way KEDS is distributed in seven divisions located in seven major cities of Kosovo and 30 sub districts.

KEDS J.s.c. has the duty to perform electricity distribution up to the end customer, manage and maintain KEDS assets in the field. Within KEDS are included Medium voltage Lines 35 kV, 10 kV and 6 kV (kilovolt) along with respective substations, Substations 10/0.4 kV, Low Voltage Lines 0.4 kV, and over 485 thousand individual meters of customers.

KEDS is managing with these assets:

  • Network level 35 kV has a length of around 625 km,
  • Network level 10(20) kV has a length of around 1,259 km,
  • Network level 10 kV has a length of 5,743 km,
  • Network level 6 kV has a length of 50 km,
  • Network level 0.4 kV has a length of 11,636 km,
  • Number of substation of level 35/10 kV is 46,
  • Number of substation of level 35/10/6 kV is 11,
  • Number of substation of level 35/0.4 kV is 12,
  • Number of substation of level 10(20)/0.4 kV is 2,266,
  • Number of substation of level 10/0.4 kV is 5,224 and
  • Number of substation of level 06/0.4 kV is 53.


ÇALIK Holding

Established by Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding operates in energy, construction and real estate, textile, mining, finance and telecom sectors. With operations in 22 countries across Central Asia, Balkans and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions, the Group employs nearly 31,000 people.

Çalık Holding, stands out as a major player in Turkey and in the world with its companies; in the energy sector with Çalık Enerji; in electricity distribution with YEDAŞ, KEDS with Limak partnership, ARAS EDAŞ with Kiler partnership; in the construction sector with Gap İnşaat and in the real estate sector with Çalık Gayimenkul; in mining with Lidya Madencilik and Polimetal Madencilik; in textile with Çalık Denim and Gap Pazarlama; in finance with Aktif Bank and Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT), and in telecom with Albtelecom.

Çalık Holding continues its efforts with a view to add permanent value to people’s life in every sector and geography it operates through its entrepreneurialism, rational strategies, importance it places on inclusion and diversity, and innovative and sustainable business models, as well as its investments in technology and human resources.

LIMAK Holding

LIMAK Holding was created in 1976. During its development the company is expanding and developing its activities in several sectors, including energy, tourism, cement, infrastructure, management and operation of airports, ports management, and food and aviation sectors.

Limak Construction has successfully completed many projects with a total value of more than U.S. $ 6 billion, including airports, ports, highways, hydroelectric power stations, industrial plants, oil and gas pipelines, buildings and hotel complex. Simultaneously is among the largest construction companies listed by the international magazine the Engineering News Record.

One of the company's branches is also Limak Energy Group, which is active in the entire energy chain, including manufacture, distribution, sale and trading of electricity. In its strategic targets, Limak Energy Group continues to develop new projects, in order to reach 5000 MW of generation capacity. Currently, Limak Energy generates with 5 hydro plants, and by 2014 the company intends to extend the generation with another three hydro plants. The company has become the market leader in the distribution of electricity, by winning the tenders for the privatization of Bogazici and Akdeniz distribution companies in Turkey and Kosovo Company for Distribution and Supply of Electricity in Kosovo.

Limak is involved in a wide range of energy activities.

Activities in electricity generation:

  • Hydro plant Alkumru in the river Dicle Botan in Sirte with installed capacity of 266 MW and annual production capacity of over 1,000 GWh.
  • Hydro plant Uzunçayır in the river Munzur in Tunceli with capacity of 84 MW and an annual capacity of 322 GWh.
  • Hydro plant Seyrantepe Dam in the stream of Perry of the Firat river in Elazığ with full capacity installed of 59 MW and annual production capacity of 164 GWh.
  • Hydro Pamuk in the stream of Pamuk in Mersin, with a capacity of 24 MW and annual production capacity of 94 GWh.
  • Hydro plant Çal in Denizli province borders with capacity of 2.2 MW and annual production of 12 GWh.
  • Buharkent geothermal power plant with a capacity of 15 MW and an annual capacity of 110 GWh.

Limak is under constructing some other hydro plants, such as Pembelik with capacity of 130 MW and an annual capacity of 405 GWh, Tatar with capacity of 131 MW and annual capacity of 421 GWh, Kirazlık with capacity of 45 MW and an annual capacity of 150 GWh and has won the tender for the privatization of Hamitabat natural gas power plant, with operating capacity of 1156 MW and as part of the investment, Limak envisages to transform this power plant from amongst the most efficient in Turkey.

Power Distribution

Limak is a shareholder in several distribution networks:

  • UEDAŞ handles distribution and retail sale of electricity in the provinces of Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Yalova. Has 2.7 million customers and distributes 10 billion kWh. Limak owns 33% of shares.
  • ÇEDAŞ handles distribution and retail sale of electricity in the provinces of Yozgat, Sivas and Tokat and has 725 thousand customers and distributes 3 billion kWh. Limak owns 33% of shares.
  • BEDAŞ handles distribution and retail sale of electricity in the European part of Istanbul. Has a total of 4.3 million customers and distributes 25 billion kWh. Limak owns 33% of shares.
  • AEDAŞ handles distribution and retail sale of electricity in the provinces of Antalya, Isparta and Budur. Has 1.7 million customers and distributes 7.5 billion kWh. Limak owns 33% of shares.
  • KEDS deals with distribution and retail sale of electricity in Kosovo. There are 450 thousand customers and delivers 5 billion kWh. Limak owns 50% of shares.

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