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Over 120 Rakoshi families are pleased with the new network from KEDS 28-03-2018

Within the investment plan, KEDS has completed the power project also in  some of the Istog villages. One of them is Rakosh village. There are 121 families in this village who have benefited from KEDS investment in this area.
It is well known that the winds are strong in these parts, and Rakoshi is well-known also for scattered houses, so it often came to the power cuts.

Till prior to the completion of KEDS project, the village was supplied only by a single trafo that was insufficient to meet the energy needs of the residents of this area. Voltage drops have been frequent and quite old electrical conductors.
For Mahire Sylaj, a resident of this village, now everything is better and she can use all household electrical appliances. This is because KEDS has deployed two new trafos and has extended the new power network with concrete poles in her village.
'The current was in single-phase and the poles were bended. A small wind blow was sufficient to interrupt electricity. Now we have plenty of electricity. The boiler, the fridge, the kettle, are working without a problem.

The electricity, water, it is an obligation to be paid by each family, "said Ms. Sylaj
Within the planning for strengthening and expanding the network KEDS in Rakosh has set two new trafos and an existing trafo has been repaired. Also, during this project are placed 112 low voltage concrete poles, while of medium voltage are palced 43 concrete poles.

With this investment, the old wooden poles are replaced with new concrete poles and all of bare conductors (without insulation) have been removed and replaced with insulated twisted cables, where the risk level is zero. This also reduced the technical losses        
For the benefits of the investment from KEDS speaks also the IT teacher in the school "Ndre Mjeda", in Rakosh, Xhevat Haxhiu.

"It was a misery with those old poles that have disappeared now. I can freely say that improvement is visible. This concrete pole will not fall for another 100 years. Now even the voltage is at the level and the safety is too high, "Haxhiu said.

KEDS continues to invest and renew the power grid according to the Distribution Network Development Plan throughout the territory of Kosovo.


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